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How to Launch a Business On Your Own Terms…Quicker Than Expected!

Are you working a 9-5, pulling in just enough for your family to exist financially? Are you great at your job (because you have high standards for your work, so you naturally kick ass at everything you set out to do), but you have trouble justifying the 40-plus hours per week that you are investing in a company for a limited annual salary? Is your health or family situation preventing you from working full-time, but you still know you need to help bring home the bacon for your family? Do you feel out of place in an office job, desperate to use your creative talents and feel the freedom of working for yourself? Do you have a dream of calling the shots for your own business? Perhaps you simply want to launch a special project that will complement your current income. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to start a business from home, based on your hobbies, passions, and creative endeavors?

Perhaps you’ve felt the tugging at your heart already and realized that you might be an aspiring entrepreneur! But, even if you know this about yourself, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to make the practical transition from corporate world to business owner. If this is resonating with you, consider this your sign from the universe. Allow me to introduce you to Anika Cooke and her Facebook group, The Quit Your Job Club. Anika has been instrumental in helping me launch my own online business and I’m thrilled to share her services with you, my readers!

Anika Cooke
Anika Cooke, Founder/Creator of The Quit Your Job Club

The Quit Your Job Club is an online club for high-performance, ambitious people who feel stuck in their 9-5 jobs because they know they are meant for more. This club is a place for people to come to share their stories, struggles, and wins, and to learn how to transition from corporate cubical life to entrepreneurial freedom.

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Anika says, “I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart and I started my first business at age 7. But, by the time I was in my twenties, I was caught in the corporate world, like so many other people. I had power and success as the CEO of an international start-up, but I was working 80-hour weeks and I didn’t feel fulfilled. After a breast cancer scare at the age of 23, which my doctor was convinced was caused by stress, I knew I had to make a change. It took another six months of total emotional and physical burnout for me to finally get out of the corporate world.”

“Unfortunately,” says Anika, “a lot of people are like me and they wait until they hit rock bottom before they actually make a change. My current career of online business coaching was born out of my passion for helping other people realize how easy it can be to make money doing what you love.”

Anika clarifies that her business didn’t see overnight success. It took about three versions of her current business to hone in on her specific niche and figure out what she truly loved teaching. She says, “So many online coaches talk about the $10k months and overnight success, but I want people to realize that making just one sale is a fantastic start!”

Anika is passionate about helping people find satisfaction and meaning in their work, and she believes entrepreneurship could be the key to unlock that dream for so many people who feel unhappy with their current career situation. She has a special place in her heart for new moms like herself.

She explains, “One of my favorite things about being an entrepreneur is that my business gets to evolve along with my audience all the time. I truly believe in teaching what you are passionate about and what you’ve learned. And, as a new mom, I’ve learned to navigate business and working from home in a whole new way. This is something I’m really excited to teach more of in 2019, as there are so many women wishing they could have an amazing business, while still focusing on their dream to be a great mom.”

According to Amanda, one of Anika’s previous clients, “Anika is an incredible coach and finally helped me quit my job! She helped me figure out how ready I was and the exact steps I needed to take to get my business up and running. [Her teaching] perfectly combines mindset, strategy, and action to make [the process] super simple.”

I, personally, found this to be true as well. After completing Anika’s free 3-Day Clarity Challenge online and delving deep into the workbook she provided, I was blown away by the direction my thoughts were taking, in terms of entrepreneurship and ideas for my own online business.

The Clarity Challenge

Shortly after the challenge, I had a phone consultation with Anika and we brainstormed ideas for services I could offer online through a new blog I dreamed of creating (this blog!) From that point on, I knew what I wanted and was able to funnel my energies into creating an online platform that gives me complete creative freedom and ownership.

I would be remiss if I did not credit Anika for the strategy I was able to construct to make The Empathic Explorer a reality. And, even though I’m still building my business to a place of sustainability, I will say that I never would have seen the full potential of my dreams if it weren’t for her guidance and nudging toward taking the terrifying, risky leap. I’m so glad I did. I find myself these days with a feeling of fulfillment after a day of blogging work that I have rarely experienced in any job I’ve ever held.

So, what can a free membership in The Quit Your Job Club do for you? Anika works hard to provide plenty of free content, including free challenges to help members find their unique offerings, become clear on who their ideal client is, and figure out the best way to make sales with their new entrepreneurial ventures.

Anika also provides paid content and offerings. In the beginning of 2019, Anika will be offering a Quit Your Job Daily Planner and a new course called The Entrepreneurship Accelerator: How to Start an Online Business. Later in the year, she will host a Mastermind for aspiring entrepreneurs.

As for the future, Anika says her one “ultimate dream” is to start a podcast focused on helping people quit their jobs and start a business.

A client named Caitlin said, “Anika made this process less scary and provided some amazing techniques and tools that have really helped me…put a plan in place. I can’t stress enough the benefits that her course and working with her have provided me and I didn’t even realize the amount of content that was shared with us until I took the time to reflect on the journey.”

When I asked her what one piece of advice she’d give to an aspiring business owner looking to break free from their soul sucking desk job, Anika replied, “The best advice I can give anyone who wants to quit their job and start a business is to just start! Figure out who you help, what you help them with, and why they would love to pay you for your knowledge. You are good enough now. You know enough now. You are ready now. The truth is, you are never really ready until you start.”

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Megan Porter (Mindset Movement) agrees! Megan said, “Before our coaching calls, I was…all over the place. I had so many passions and it was hard to distinguish which…to zero in on. The call [with Anika] was so exciting because I finally met someone…who was like me and thought the same way. I realized that I already had the experience and ‘qualifications’ to start my own business. Once we went through all of my skills, my story, and my experiences, it was clear that I was already capable of starting. After the calls, it made me think about things differently. I realized I could combine all my passions into a business, instead of picking just one, and the only thing holding me back was me.” – Megan

Are you ready to go deeper with these ideas? Join The Quit Your Job Club on Facebook and follow Anika on Instagram! And, as a special courtesy to our readers, Anika has kindly agreed to provide free access to her Quit Your Job in 5 Days Meditation Series! Grab that now!


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